A City Christening

Organising my daughters christening was an absolute thrill for me – from designing invitations (which arrived far too late – will never trust an expected delivery from an international print house again!) to picking the blooms that adorned the tables! It was my first (and certainly not last) foray into children’s parties and I loved every moment!

In my family we have been fortunate to have gown that has travelled down some generations- and we were so fortunate to wear such a beautiful piece of history. However, coming from 5 children and being the youngest I felt that it was best to start my own story, like my big sister and brother had done with their children.

With that in mind, when i was getting married I saved a few metres of beautiful lace from my wedding dress so I could commission my own family christening gown. Although when I was on a recent holiday with my new family I spotted the ‘gown’ D  was to wear! Each night when I put D to bed I hand sewed the lace onto the underskirt and embroidered D’s name and christening date onto her gown. It makes for a beautiful keepsake for her and included a skill I had forgotten I had learnt in school. I hope to follow this tradition with the next child so that he or she may have their own gown for their family to have and wear and possibly pass on! Possibly with each mummy adding their own wedding fabric to the underskirt….

My husband is not a keeper of things. At all. He throws everything he see’s that he thinks is rubbish out. And I mean everything… so when we found out I was pregnant he started counting down the days – not just because he was excited about our baby – but because we had saved the top tier of our fruit wedding cake my mother had made and he couldn’t wait to evacuate that space of the freezer. One week out the freezer space was freed of the cake as it was sent to be re-iced for D’s christening! I don’t think I have ever had a better piece of fruitcake (although our wedding cake too was incredible – funny that) Not many people were keen for the challenge of re-icing a frozen cake as apparently it is now an unusual request – but we went with sugar bee cakes and she did a really cute job and copied an illustration that i had commissioned from James Gordon. I topped it with a ‘communicate’ sign that made the cake super special!

I went with one of my favourite florists and the genius who did the flowers at My wedding -Peter Herd– I only had to tell him my colours (pink, white, green) and he knew exactly what I wanted. On the Day he turned up with a huge D in babies breath (my bridesmaids bouquet flower) which was to be hung from the roof and an old vintage dolls pram held beautiful blooms, whilst vases filled to the brim scattered the room.

 A face painter adorned the children’s faces with beautiful motifs and a lolly bar and helium balloons kept the children occupied while their parents mingled and toasted little D!

 Baptism is a sacrament of belonging. It marks a significant moment, both in the life of the candidate, and in the life of the church community, family and friends. It is a celebration of a new beginning in becoming a member of Christ’s body the Church. Baptism immerses us in the new life given to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter. When we come for baptism we are saying “yes” to God’s love and desire for us to belong to the community of God’s people. We are baptised into membership of the universal Christian Church.


The cake for our family and friends who shared a birthday on D’s christening!

IMG_8685 IMG_8654 IMG_8659 IMG_8625 IMG_8617 IMG_8603

A Grandmothers Blessing

A Grandmothers Blessing



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